"Ancient wisdom brought to life"

"Greatness lies in the willingness to change." -- HH Sri Svami Purna Maharaj

Ancient Wisdom

“Adhyatmik” originated from the Sanskrit language and means all enhancement and advancement of body, mind and self and open to all directions, universal.

Whether you are just beginning to explore a path of health, happiness and fulfillment, or you already have developed a deep and seasoned spiritual practice, Adhyatmik Foundation brings to life the ancient wisdom of the Vedic teachings and Yogic practices through activities, publications and foundational guidance appropriate at each stage of growth and development so that you may learn to live in harmony within and with all that surrounds you.

These programs focus on improving diet and fitness; reducing stress and anxiety; increasing clarity of purpose in life; and learning to appreciate and sustain Nature and the world in which we live.

Who We Are

Adhyatmik Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization established in 1983 with a view to providing a balanced and healthy approach to life for people of any race, religion, gender, age or philosophy. The Foundation is dedicated to providing access to the ancient wisdom found in Indian Vedic Teachings and Yogic texts and practices. These perennial Teachings, handed down by great teachers, saints and sages over many generations, transcend time and place; they can be applied in a practical way to bring balance to our lives in this fast-paced, stressful age in which we live today.

The essence of the word “Adhyatmik” is expressed through the work of the Foundation and Dr Svami Purna’s guiding message that each one of us is entitled to explore, enhance and advance all aspects of our being. This universal message and vision continues to unfold today as Adhyatmik Foundation creates and develops cross-cultural activities, programs and tools to help people achieve balance in life.

What We Do

Adhyatmik Foundation makes available to all people the wisdom of the Vedic teachings through a variety of educational materials, tools and activities designed to help each person bring more balance to his/her own life through enhanced lifestyle changes so that he/she can live in harmony with others and with nature and lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

An important aspect of the Mission is the dissemination of Vedic wisdom and Dr Svami Purna’s Teachings, which embrace an understanding of Sanskrit, the Vedic texts, the Ayurveda health tradition, meditation and the practice of yoga as part of everyday life. To bring the Mission to life, Adhyatmik Foundation has identifed several key areas of focus to direct the development of a variety of Initiatives currently in operation as well as those to be rolled out in the future: Health, Life Balance, Spiritual Growth and Development, and the Environment. Please click here for details about how to Donate.